The Whole Studio

Pacoima_BlocksAt iLEAD Pacoima we believe there is an implicit and an explicit curriculum to teach. Beyond the required skills and knowledge to be imparted, we place equal emphasis on the social and emotional development of every one of our learners. At iLEAD, our goal is nothing short of creating passionate, self-directed, lifelong learners and leaders. Young adults who are prepared for their next stage of learning and are anxious to make a positive difference in the world!

Individual learning plans that personalize instruction to fit each learner’s personality and growth. Presentations of learning that showcase each learner’s understanding and progress. New technologies that surround the learners and enhance learning by placing the knowledge base of the entire planet at their fingertips. Venturing out on frequent field trips to explore the world around them and bring deeper learning to life through authentic experiences.

At iLEAD Pacoima deeper learning is not an end in itself. Rather, it is a vital part of a holistic approach to an organic and lasting exchange of information, resonating with ideas and collaboration between and among our learners, facilitators, administrators, families, and our communities.

At iLEAD Pacoima deeper learning is facilitated with our “Whole Studio” approach, utilizing these methodologies:

Individual Learning Plans
Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) personalize goals and instruction for each child. We believe that learning should be interest-driven, peer-supported and focused on powerful outcomes.

Presentations of Learning
At the end of learning units, learners participate in a Presentations of Learning commonly referred to as a POL. These are reflections of achievement and growth aligned to their ILP’s and unit goals.

Project-Based Learning
We offer a dynamic classroom approach in which learners actively explore real-world challenges to acquire deeper knowledge. Research shows that learners’ retention of content and attitude toward and interest in learning increase when PBL is done well.

Multi-Age Learning
Many workshops and learning spaces are multi-age environments in which learners of a variety ages learn together. This allows learners to be able to work on skills and concepts that are within their proximal zone of development regardless of their age.